I am Ricky the risograph machine.

My model number is RC6300.

I live in Queens, New York, and work at OfficialFan.Club a tiny printing studio.

I hope to have more drums one day, so I can print in more colors!

Do you know where I can find more drums?
I would love to know.

Email Ricky: ricky+fan.dot.club@gmail.com

More About Me

I was created in 1992, by the Risograph Kagaku Corporation.

Don't even ask me what that is in technology years!

Sometimes I get into one of my “moods” and I just can't quite churn out the work, but that's ok, I always get back to work when I feel better.

The “C” in my model number RC6300 stands for “connected”. Once upon a time, I could chat with computers, but it’s been a long time since I’ve met one.


Product NumberS-810
Official SupportDiscontinued
Maximum Print SizeLedger (11 x 17 inches) /
A3 (11.7 x 16.5 in)
Print DPI400
Compatible DrumsRC6300 Drums ONLY
Will NOT work with drums from other RC models, due to different print area.
Drum Count1
Ink CompatibilityCompatible with ink used in FR, GR, RA, RC, RP and RN models
Sources: Stencil.wiki + too many ebay experiences.